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Honor Award


The clients sought a family retreat hidden in the forested hills of Northern California, where an extended community of family, friends, and colleagues could gather. Rather than a singular building, the house comprises a cluster of tent cabins—three sleeping quarters and a living- dining common—rising into the forest canopy on stilts and linked by wood paths and gathering places. The tented roofs and walls allow a connection with the natural setting—its sounds and changing seasons—while large clear and mirrored-bronze glass windows frame views of the landscape and neighboring “rooms.” Here, the forest and house are one with indoor and outdoor rooms suspended between the treetops and canopy floor.

The project sits very lightly on the land and uses base elemental materials, and the jury loved that everything is still in its raw state. The completed project avoids a level of looking finished, and yet the spaces are inviting and pleasant to occupy. The designers showed great discipline and restraint by taking an amazing canvas and pulling back a bit to let the environment shine throughout the project.

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General Contractor
Insight Construction Partners
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Terremoto Landscape
Mosswood Engineering
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Custom Fabrication
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Richard Barnes
Design Awards 2017